Why VFX still remain Long Journey in film Industry 

Published On October 3, 2017 | By venky singh | Movies

Making an animated movie requires dedication and commitment. Animators go through the rigorous process of visualization, story boarding, sound effects, light effects, character modeling etc to create the final film. Every of these areas is critically important. But the one area that has taken the film and cartoon industry by storm over the last a decade is visual effects, commonly known as VFX.

What is VFX?

VFX is the process of creating visually-enhanced video with the help of computer graphics. It can be used when the animator chooses to depict something that cannot be shot in a live environment and has to be simulated in a virtual world.

Techniques used in VFX

VFX, like cartoon, is a broad term. There are following used for techniques of creating visual effects.

Augmented reality: This kind of is utilized to create a virtual environment using real settings of the world environment. It supplements the information which is already visible to us in a more detailed and efficient manner.

Crowd ruse: This involves creating a big set of crowd in an animated world. Scenarios like war, parties, crowded shorelines, etc, use this technique o create the impression of large groups of people. The interaction of the crowd with graphics and modifications in our environment are supplemented to make it believable.

Projection mapping: This kind of is the latest desired technique that is being utilized by national and international companies during product releases. It enhances the consumer experience by displaying artwork, light and sound or a mixture of all, for boosting the event/movie. This is fast becoming the preferred choice to advertise and inform.

Camera mapping: In this scenario, the computer animation is done from the point of view of the camera and not the object. This is the process of taking still images and bringing them to life in 2D & 3D animation by using various applications. It is mostly used for motion pictures and TV shows & ensures reduction of cost and increased flexibility


Future of VFX

VFX will be widely used in many Hollywood movies, be it animated or live-action films. It has slowly become a part of the production process. After this pattern, VFX Los Angeles has also made a successful entry in the American film making industry. The future is bright and shining for animators and visual results artists everywhere in the world.

Growing at a fast pace: The industry will get bigger and better with cinema & television, video games and marketing embracing technology to widen their reach. There is certainly demand for VFX performers in each of these fields. With creativity, skill and knowledge about VFX being the core criteria, ample job opportunities are available, making a fast career growth possible in this industry.

New professional opportunities: With more and more companies recognizing the results and impact of VFX, new job opportunities are available in various other fields other than media & movies. Sectors like corporate, medical, education, etc are also hiring animators & VFX artists.

Many movies like Transformers, The Avengers, Harry Potter series, and World War Z have used VFX technology to make the situation believable for the audience

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