Fetal Doppler safety

Why should you purchase foetal heart monitors?

Published On February 7, 2017 | By venky singh | Entertainment

When you are pregnant, one of the most beautiful sounds is the heart beat of your baby in the womb. But you only get to hear it when you go for visits to your doctor. However, today there are options in which you can listen to the heartbeat at your home and at your convenience with the help of Home foetal heart monitors.

Usually mothers go crazy when it comes to the safety of the baby. They are always worried about if their baby is doing good or not. It gets really difficult when you have to wait for a month between your last and the next visit. But now you don’t have to wait that much. With Home foetal heart monitors, you can easily listen to baby’s heartbeat whenever you are in doubt.

What are foetal heart monitors?

It is an instrument that is used to hear baby’s heartbeat when the baby is inside their womb. It is very difficult to hear it otherwise. This monitor even tells you about the baby movements or other internal sounds that the baby is making while they are inside. Though there is stethoscope as well that can be used, however, it is only possible to hear the rhythm after 16 weeks through stethoscope. Whereas the foetal monitors are so sensitive that they can easily catch the heart beat from first trimester itself.

Fetal Doppler safety

What kind of monitors should you invest for?

The Fetal Doppler safety monitors are available in all varieties. But if you are not too well versed about the product, then you can buy the similar one that your doctor uses at clinic to hear your baby heart rate. Usually the monitors used by the doctors are some of the best because they would have other functions as well to know the baby’s health and are expensive than the normal ones available in the market. But as a Lehman, you would need these monitors to know the activities and to listen to your baby’s heart beat. No further functions are useful for you. Therefore, it’s best to buy monitors that are doing the right kind of job and comes at a decent price.

But before you buy you must do a little bit of research on the product because it is usually seen that cheap priced instruments gives a little static which sometimes makes it hard to hear the heart beat of the baby. One’s that are priced averagely are the ones to go for. They even have LCD screens to display the heart beat. So now you can not only listen but also get to know if the baby is taking right amount of beats per minutes or not. Unless you are a doctor or midwife, there is no use in spending high amounts on this instrument because other functions that this monitor would have would be of no use to you, so why invest in something that is not useful for you.

Where to buy?

These foetal monitors are easily available on medical stores as well as online. With online you can easily see ten other varieties and read about them. This way you can know which one is better for you and which one is not.

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