The Finest Opportunities for the Best Earbud Choice for the Music Lovers

On the market you can find a lot of headsets headphones and all the prices. So are you lost? Whether you are a musician, music lover, trainer, web entrepreneur, radio host, there are models for you.

But how to choose? How not to waste your money?

Let’s start by asking a first question that may surprise you, but that you should ask every time you consider audio equipment:

Do you really need a headset or headphones?

As usual, I like to ask this question about the need for the technological tool. Because you must first identify the use you will have. This is what will allow you to set an acceptable price range for your budget, or even to completely reconsider the need for a purchase.

Indeed, it would be silly for example to spend 150 € in a very good headphones, if you do not really have a frequent and proven professional utility.

What are the good reasons to get a headset or headphones?

You want to be able to listen to sounds or music in an environment where you are not alone, especially on the move or at home, so you do not want to bother others.

You have a home studio and you need to listen to recorded tracks while playing because you are doing multi track recording.

music lovers

I only see these two reasons. If you are not in this situation, you certainly do not need to equip yourself with a helmet. Instead, keep this budget for more useful material.

Never a headset will replace loudspeakers

Listening on HPs is always (at equal quality) more comfortable, less tiring and allows you to better control your sound work.

Never, ever, in studios pro has a sound engineer mixed a production by listening to the headphones, because listening to the headphones (even a great headphones) is always misleading.

But we can very well make editing in headphones and even fully mix an audio podcast with small headphones, because in this case the sound message is very simple: a jingle, a voice that speaks on a background and it’s all more often.

And any work on the headphones will necessarily require listening to loudspeakers to verify that we have not been deceived by the helmet effect.

Earphones for smartphones

If you already use it, they may be enough for a small use podcast with Audacity, listen to music on the web. Otherwise, spend only 15 € , it’s not worth spending a lot more. I advise you for example these two models:

Logitech Ultimate 200vi

NB: on these headphones, you usually have a small built-in microphone to talk on the phone. This too might be enough to make podcasts, videos: to test, because it depends on the result obtained with your smartphone.

They are far from worth, start by testing those that were sold to you with your smartphone.

Cheap Helmets

If you do not have a very pro and constant need of a headset, if you do not like to put earphones in the ears (I understand you: it is tiring and sometimes not adapted to the shape of the flag of our ear ), you can choose a helmet at a low price around 15 € .