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The Beginner’s Guide To Playing Assasins’ Creed Online

Published On January 19, 2019 | By venky singh | Games

With the advancement of technology, there are many video games online that are on the peak. One of the popular games is the assassins creed odyssey free. This game marks the transition into a full-blown role-playing game. The new feature contains many of the animations, mechanics, and troupes established. Since the first game series, it behaves more like an RPG from each moment. If you have been playing this game from the first series, some of your knowledge will carry over. But, there might be some gaps between what the series used to be and what it’s become today. Here’s the quick guide for you before you start the new game updates.

Assassin’s Creed Explained

This is a role-playing game as you are not only gaining levels to get more skills but, you are leveling up to be powerful. When you are getting more powerful, you will be stronger enough to take down your enemies. The bad guys could not progress farther into the world. In this game to win, do anything that isn’t more than a level or so higher than your current level. You need to align your levels for the new quest can be taunting. From the top of the menu, go clear out a base or explore a question mark on your map. Finding new things will let you earn an XP. This game is about killing the bad guys for exploring and interacting with the world. 

The Gameplay You Should Master

This game has a lot whole of the world to explore, gated behind level suggestions, though. You should focus as much on leveling yourself up as you are on progressing the story. Learning the basics skills and strategy will help you succeed, you can try these out to level up your gaming.

assassins creed odyssey free

Pay Attention to Your Enemies’ Life

When assassinating, you need to pay attention to your enemies health gauge. You need to familiarize the damages; hunter (ranged), warrior (melee), an assassin (sneaky). In this game, you might not be thinking about it for the most part. When you deal enough, the bad guy falls down, the damage is damage. But, when you are trying to be sneaky, this will matter, it will even give you a big hint about how your attack will go. But, paying attention to your enemy’s health bar, you know you are hitting it the right way. This will help you aim and ranged weapon at an enemy or sneak up behind someone, a chunk of their health bar will turn red.

Play it Safe

When it comes to approaching Odyssey, you need to sneaky. You need to play it safe while assassinating people. While there is a lot of freedom in the gameplay, there is also a threat anytime soon. So be quick and be alert from dialogue choices to branching mission paths. Make the best decision and the right options to which nation-state to side with to which weapon to use. This way, you can surely kill the bad guys and power up your character as well.

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