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Taking Your Event or Storefront to the Next Level: A Dazzling Display for All to Enjoy

Published On February 27, 2017 | By venky singh | Entertainment

Ever since the Internet became wildly popular at the turn of the millennium, shoppers have had the ability to go on extensive shopping excursions from the comfort of their computer chairs. But as the advent of modern technology has enhanced the power of the shopper, it has likewise decreased the prevalence of privately owned stores. As global commerce giants tend to feature seemingly unlimited advertising budgets, privately held firms from the world over have been suffocated by this newfound online competition. Thus, as a small business owner, you have to stay on your toes round-the-clock, and it’s imperative for you to focus on one simple word: differentiation.

If you want to level the playing field from a marketing standpoint, you have to present something unique, distinctive, and attractive to your potential customers. However, instead of focusing on the Internet environment and web-based advertising, you should place your attention towards the aesthetic properties of your storefront or event. With this in mind, look no further than building a modern water display to emphasize and showcase your business.

From the world-renowned fountains of the Bellagio to the iconic Magic Fountain of Montjuic, people often find themselves stopping dead in their tracks to gaze upon the splendor of a magnificent water display. As such, many businesses from across the globe have started implementing gorgeous cascades of waterfalls and spouts to attract the attention of casual onlookers. This brief article will detail the benefits of modern dancing fountains and light shows in terms of appealing to more customers and clients.

How Does it Work?

A dancing fountain is essentially an animated display used for entertainment purposes. First, the groundwork for the fountain is laid out and the necessary water connections are established. Then, the professional installation team employs spouts, jets, lasers, and sound waves to create a lively assortment of resonances, light refractions, and even three-dimensional images in the water.

dancing fountains

What Are the Benefits?

The more exposure your store gets, the better off you’ll be. In this sense, the brand reinforcement that stems from a detailed fountain display is unmatched by any other form of advertising. Casual bystanders will constantly be drawn into your storefront, which naturally bolsters your business’s reputation and good-standing.

If you’ve recently upgraded your signage and on-site furniture but haven’t seen any notable increase in foot traffic, it’s probably because you’ve failed to differentiate yourself enough from the other stores in your vicinity. In this regard, a dynamic water fountain display will be a game changer. Although you won’t be advertising your specific product line or range of services, it’s important to note that the gossip and word-of-mouth will spread quickly, which ensures that you’ll see an increase in traffic around your store or event.

Fountains also act as natural humidifiers and they reduce air pollution. Thus, these water displays provide not only an ambient white noise and relaxing visuals but also a distinct feeling of rejuvenation with their ability to serve as ionic air purifiers.

Finding the Perfect Installer

As you might imagine, installing an extensive dancing fountain display requires knowledge of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical components in order to create an operational, long-lasting implement, which places the utmost importance on finding the best installer in your area. In this regard, you should focus almost exclusively on client testimonials. The most reputable companies will proudly showcase past customer reviews, which give you a taste of whether the fountain achieved the desired effects (increased foot traffic, positive feedback, and the like).

Bringing your business or event into the 21st century doesn’t have to involve a top-to-bottom overhaul or extensive restructuring. Something as simple and affordable as a dancing fountain display is more than enough to bolster foot traffic and enhance your on-site atmosphere.

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