Here’s How to Pick a Unique Bachelorette Venue

A bachelor party is given to the bride-to-be to culminate her single hood and start her new journey into marriage. If you are the Maid of Honor, you are expected to give the best party of her life shortly before the wedding.

This responsibility can be overwhelming especially if you have no prior experience – after all, it is not like any birthday party where it is easy to book a birthday party venue for rent. You have to do better.

To help you, here are some things to consider when looking for a bachelorette venue:

Choose location wisely

The location is the main thing to consider. As the host of the bachelor party, you should determine if the guests could easily reach the venue. If you have guests from other towns, you can look for venues near their hotel rooms. If guests are all living in the same city, you just need to look for a central location but consider traffic, parking, and transportation.

Bachelorette Venue

Determine the capacity

When you narrowed down the venues, you should check it and determine the capacity. The capacity is important because it can make or break the experiences of the guests and of course the bride-to-be. Fortunately, this is easy – you just check your confirmed guests and allow little room for adjustments.

Assess the services and amenities

While you are checking the capacity, you should also assess the services and amenities. Do they have tables, chairs, and linens? How about AV capabilities? What about the catering services? These things are important so you should give it a thought.

Pay attention to ambiance

The least technical aspect of the venue is the ambiance but it can make all the difference. You should ensure that the ambiance matches the mood you want to establish.

Consider the cost

When planning a bachelor party, staying in budget is always the challenge. While cost is the biggest factor in choosing the venue, you should consider the date of the event when planning for the cost. To lower the price of a venue, you should pick a less sought-after date.

The key here is to be flexible. If you are flexible on the event date, you can negotiate the venues. With this, it is wise to provide at least two to three date options so you are more likely to get discounted prices. Aside from the venue itself, you should also take into consideration any additional services.

Read reviews

It is good if you did an onsite inspection but you should not take everything on its face value. You should do your research if you want for the bride-to-be to have the best time. To get started, you should read reviews from online communities. The reviews can help you get an insight into the experiences of other people. If it has more bad reviews, it is time to turn the other way.

Bottom Line

You should book a venue at least three months in advance so you have plenty of time to plan other important things like transportation, gifts, and food. While this can be overwhelming, you can utilize many time saving tools online to help you organised.