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Published On August 25, 2015 | By venky singh | Music

When have you experienced the Next Best Experience in music other than in MP3 that is the top format for any high resolution music including songs? None whatsoever as no other format is any way better than the MP3 format. And now you have the best of the latest music and songs and that too free downloads at which you may save in your PC or MP3 player. If you listen to these songs you will have a good idea about this format’s effect on the human ear.

It is now almost taken for granted that when music is heard then it should be through the MP3 format and nothing else. This is because the music you hear through this medium is high resolution and this means there is perpetual noise shaping that goes on before the song is heard by your ear. Suppose you select one of the songs listed on the website and hear it by using the old medium of record playing as well as through the new MP3 method you will be able to see the difference.

Here, you hear it differently, say the song sung by the Arctic Monkeys is used through both the medium and you will notice that the song ‘Do I wanna know?’ will appear slightly hazy with other sounds coming through it in non MP3 format while the MP3 version on the other hand will be pure and refined.


Why song sung through MP3 is better?

There is little doubt that the songs sung through the MP3 format are much better than the songs through other formats. The former has transformed the way people listen to music through improvement of technology over a period of time although the initial discovery or the origins of the technological breakthrough has been made more than a century back.

It was in 1894 that the American physicist, Alfred Marshal Mayer came out with the idea that a tone can become inaudible by the interference of another tone of lower frequency. Later on through several experiments and technological breakthroughs a system was developed whereby tones that were not audible to human ear were removed and only sounds that were audible were allowed to stay.

The system was developed with the help of filtering sound through compression algorithm which became known as perpetual noise shaping. Now, the MP3 format is the main stay in any song composition and recording. You will instantly love to download the list of all the songs or your favorite ones from the and even save them on to your CD.

 Saving some good songs

You may come across a list of free songs from Ja Rule if you wish to download the same through the Internet. And quite sure all this would be in MP3 format. This would enable a person to get the best out of the sound effect while storing them in a compressed file at the same time. You can download the songs into your PC as the MP3 files can be copied into MP3 portable player and if the same is in iTunes then you may copy it into your iPod or other form of Apple compatible devices.

The songs if you wish can be burned in your PC if you have the Win Amp option and the even send them to another person vide email. One of the best outcomes of this technology is that you needn’t have much space for the same as the compressed songs can easily be saved as the same has undergone a lot of stripping already. It is obvious that the stripping of inaudible sounds have made the songs in the Ja Rule downloads even more enchanting than ever.

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