Love Your Voice: The Secrets Of Enhancing Your Singing Voice Instantly

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Listening is a gift and a treat you can give to people. By listening to them, you give them the chance to say what they feel for things they may not understand or for some things they are proud of. When you listen you are also earning the respect that a lot of people can hardly give to their fellow men.

While this may be true, a question sometimes maybe formulated in our mind if it’s good to listen to a singer who has struggled in singing. I bet you might probably cover your ears or unplug your earphones if you hear one. You might probably be annoyed or even switch listening to someone who can sing very well and pleasing to hear.

So, if you are a singer and people might get sometimes frustrated because you might have a little challenge in your vocal competence, it’s not the end of the road. Today, we will be discussing some techniques on how you can improve your singing voice instantly so you’ll sound better and refine your singing talent.

Take The “Instant Vocal Fix”

One of the simplest and quickest tricks you can do to sound better is to look and observe your jaw movement in front of the mirror. Singing professionals and coaches recommend Bohemian Vocal lessons that include saying the vowels in the alphabet. In the process of you saying A-E-I-O-U in front of the mirror, did you feel that your jaw closed while you speak one of the vowels? Typically, our jaw usually close when we say either E or U.

If this occurs, using your two fingers you can pull down your jaw for about two inches. Speak the vowels again and repeat the process until such time that you feel that your jaw is no longer closing. You should do this to reprogram your jaw muscles to make sure that you avoid straining your vocal muscles.

Add Weight To High Notes

The biggest challenge of every singer facing is the ability to hit high notes in the cleanest way. May singers tend to sing pitchy songs and even when they reach the highest note of the song their voice tends to crack or break. This happens if you force your voice to reach a higher note resulting in an unpleasant sound.

When you practice singing,  you have to put weight as you go along and hit those high notes. That means that you have to practice deep breathing to make sure that you won’t sound like being forced to do.

More Power With No Strain

Every singer wants to sing with power without feeling any tension on their vocal cords. This is highly achievable because it’s one of the simplest technique you can practice and apply. To achieve this, make sure your chin is pointed a bit down to your flexed pectorals. If you have observed, most singers would lift their chin if they would like to put more power to the song.

While this is true and works, your vocal cords may get injured after. When you slightly tip your chin down it adds power to your singing at the same time saves your voice.

Getting A Natural Vibrato

The simplest way to get a natural vibrato is to stand in front of the mirror. While you are in a standing position, use your both hands to press your chest and slightly raise your torso up. Nest, breath in and out and make sure your chest doesn’t drop. Maintaining this position, try to sing a single note and hold it for a long time until you get the highest chest raise.

Moving on, you need to relax your neck and maintain an open jaw while singing. Continue doing this until such a time you feel a natural vibrato coming out and repeat until such a time you achieved a natural one. Make sure that you also do not overuse your vibrato so your vocal cords are safe.

Practice Singing With Headphones On

A vocal tone is a measure as a good one when you sing loudly. Also, you will be able to establish this by practicing to sing with headphones on both of your ears.  Take note that when you sing using a lot of air you sound breathy while singing with a lesser one creates a nasal tone.

You have to make sure that you meet somewhere in between to obtain the right amount of singing voice.


There’s always a thin line between good singing and pleasant singing. The first one talks about your ability to sing while the latter talks about your ability to sing excellently and drawing a lot of listeners.

Hence, with the tips laid out above on how you can improve your singing voice, you still have the ability to sound pleasing every time you sing.

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