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Buying a flute can be a difficult task at times. However, it is essential to choose the right flute if you want your situation to turn out well. No matter, if you are looking for upgradation of your flute or buying a new one, you need to be aware of the anatomy and types of flute before settling for the one. There are plenty of flutes for sale on online websites and let us see what do you need to know about flutes before choosing the one.

Parts of the Flute

There are three parts in the anatomy of the flutes which one needs to consider before picking the right one: The body, headjoint, and footjoint.

The Body

The mid-section of the flute is considered as the body, and it consists of the maximum number of keys which is used to control the mechanisms of the flute. The springs of the key are adjusted finely, and they should be handled with utmost care.

The headjoint

The embouchure and lip plate of the flute is found in the upper part of the flute which is called the headjoint. There is a cork in the tip of this part which should be taken care of while cleaning the instrument. The cork of the flute seals the flute to ensure there is the entry of the air only from the body and not form the other parts. Any damage to the cork will make the sound inconsistent and airy, and it has to be repaired from the shop.

The footjoint

There are some extra keys in the footjoint of the advanced flute and these keys help in extending the range of sound. The bottom range can also be extended using the keys on the footjoint. The high C note can be enhanced by using the gizmo key present in this part.

What are the different kinds of flutes?

While purchasing a flute for sale, one should not only rely on the price and go for the cheapest model because it will not be able to produce good quality sound. A high-quality flute is going to enhance the sound owing to its better playability, intonation, projection. The sound produced from these flutes will have better quality. If a beginner is asked to play a low-grade flute, he will not be able to play it nicely. This is why before purchasing a flute, one needs to compare the quality, price, and brands of the flute.

1) Beginner flutes

At an initial level, students may face a problem to hold the flutes with their hands. This is why some of the models curve the headjoint part of the flute so that the beginner doesn’t face any difficulty playing it.

2) Intermediate flutes

They have some open-hole keys, and it might seem difficult to play it during the transition period. One can purchase the key plugs which are also available online and insert them into the holes so that it becomes easy to play it.

3) Professional flutes

The advanced models have a third key in it which allows extending the range even more. The range starts from high pitch sound to even low B.

These are some of the necessary information that one needs to have before choosing a flutes for sale online. Also, make sure that you read the reviews properly before purchasing them.

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