How Social Media has Changed the Music Industry

Published On September 10, 2018 | By venky singh | Music

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, so it’s little surprise that power has been wielded by the music industry to great effect. Just take a moment to think about the various songs or artists you discover on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and how the first place you tend to hear about music news is through your social media accounts.

It’s not exaggeration to say that social media has forever changed the music industry!

Fan Engagement

One of the biggest benefits of social media in general is that is has brought people closer together. You can instantly communicate with people from the other side of the world at the touch of a button, which has allowed artists and their fans to communicate and engage like never before.

This has allowed artists to build a closer relationship with fans, who in turn consume more of their music and merchandise. You can find out more about an artist through their social media too, getting a better understanding of the individual, which often translates into more fans – or fewer depending on the person!


It’s easier than ever to find new musicians thanks to social media. Independent artists are easier to find, with many of the world’s top musicians finding their initial success thanks to social. With a good social media presence, artists can develop a fanbase with little input from record labels or big advertisements.

Shawn Mendes made it big by starting out with short videos on Vine, transforming him from a young independent musician to a global superstar in short time. Many artists can now launch a career thanks to the awareness they create through social media.


Promoting music has drastically changed thanks to social media. This is especially true when it comes to promoting to younger generations that care greatly about engagement through social media, allowing musicians to promote themselves with great efficiency. Best of all, this is all done at a fraction of the cost of older promotional methods.

Musicians no longer need a record label to invest millions into a global promotional campaign. They can promote their music, merchandise, and tours through their social media accounts, many of which have tens of millions of followers.

And then there are services to get onto the main music platforms like which make it very easy for musicians to get onto those best channels.

Power of Music

An interesting change that social media has brought to the music industry is a power shift, which as slowly moved from record labels back into the hands of the musician. By allowing musicians to engage with fans, promote themselves, and develop and spread their own brand, social media has caused music executives to have nowhere near the same control as they once did.

The musician can control who sees their music, as they now have access to a global fanbase through social media, while they can use their social media presence to market every aspect of their career, from when their latest single is released to upcoming shows.

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