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Published On August 15, 2018 | By venky singh | Live Streaming

Today almost everyone is busy. Work, travel, meetings and together with the household chores, all are within a tightly packed schedule and are constantly moving. Amidst this entire tight schedule, there are many who pay great attention to the news. Like for example those in the business industry like the stocks or those who trade in foreign currencies, they check the business news quiet constantly. It is necessary for them to be updated about the latest trends or price variations of the stocks, currency pairs, etc. Likewise, there are several others not trading who too follow the news regularly. Fox News live streaming through Fox News mobile application comes with great help to such people.

Here is what you have to do to get the latest news on your Android devices in just a tap.

The Fox News Android application is available on all Android Smartphone devices that have software versions 4.0 and above. To get download the application, go to Google Play store and in the search bar, enter Fox News. Select the application and then click install.

Major functionalities of the application

Fox News app is created for those who want to be kept updated on the go. Through the application one can:

  • Get alerts on the latest news and their updates
  • Fox News live streaming – watch the channel live on their mobile devices
  • Get information on the hottest and most striking news of the day
  • Check out the photo gallery
  • Watch clips from their personally favorite shows in the channel

A few points to be kept in mind:

  • In order through use and receive updates through the application, one must have internet connection. If the user’s phone is not connected to a Wi-Fi source, then the application will use up the mobile data to run.
  • If the phone is on airplane mode, he or she can read the latest news from the last time their mobile device was connected to the internet. Also, even while the phone is in airplane mode, if it is connected to the Wi-Fi, one can still stream and watch videos.
  • The application does not provide facilities to stream videos offline.
  • Users can directly watch the news channel live through their mobile devices. For this, they would have to first sign in with the authorized cable, Telecom or satellite provider.
  • In order to listen to Fox News radio, one would have to download the Fox News radio app from Google Play store.

Thus, for all those who want to stay updated on the latest news from all around the world, stream videos, get alerts, etc. the Fox News mobile application is the most convenient way.

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