Face Zombie and Have Fun to Build Your Teamwork

Published On October 16, 2017 | By venky singh | Entertainment

Teamwork is important in a business. As we all know, a successful business always has good team behind it. Now, the question is how can we build such a good teamwork with our colleagues? The answers are many. However, one of interesting and entertaining method to do that is by using the game. This Paranoia Quest: Zombie & Mystery Escape the Room Games in Atlanta is one of them. In fact, this is one of best choices, if you are looking Fun Corporate event to do.

Paranoia Quest, the company that provides this game, give you challenge that can only be solved with your friends. Yes, you can do it alone, but that would be useless, because you won’t be able to build your teamwork. On the site or course, there are many puzzle and challenges that you and your friends need to solve. Those challenges need teamwork to solve as well as logical thinking to see the solution. This is where this event will be good choice for teamwork building purpose.


The facility that they provide looks like real one. You will feel like you are inside government facility, where they research the cure for zombie disease. And, you and your friends are not alone. There are many zombies that can attack you at there. One of the great things about this Corporate Event Atlanta is the puzzle and challenges. It also looks like real one. You need to solve the security system, like hand geometry scanner, PIN number and many more.

Your job in this event is finding a way to the main lab. Then, at there, you need to conduct the final research to get the cure for zombie. And then, send them to the world, so you can save the world from this dangerous disease. Of course, you won’t be able to do that easily, because there will be many obstacle and monster inside the facility.

The good thing about this kind of event is you can really have fun here. More than that, even though we said that this is good way for teamwork building, you also can take your family here. As mentioned on its requirement, this event allows children minimal 10 years old to try it. Of course, this Zombie Apocalypse escapes room maybe scary for your kids. But, there are also other event that you can try, such as Area 51 and Murder Mystery. So, we can say that this is worth to try.

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