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If you’re looking for a music producer, you should look no further than Upward Studios. It’s an exclusive music studio, run by Robert Upward, an accomplished producer, songwriter, composer, and recording artist. He has won numerous awards and garners huge respected in the music industry. He can write and produce songs in various genres, and his productions have become local and international hits. He also creates music for the film industry as well as TV and is an expert in composing music for advertising. His company offers a full array of services designed to suit your musical requirements.

Upward Studios are involved in song production, and they have worked with leading names in the music industry, including Shelley Segal, Elise and the Vibe, Slinkee Minx, and Maya. After creating a song, your next step should be to allow experts to record and produce it for you. Whether you’re new to the studio environment or you’re a veteran, this company will ensure that you receive top notch recording services. You will get personalised services to suit your particular needs, and you will enjoy working with a talented team of composers, arrangers, sound engineers, and producers.


You may have the gift of music, but writing a song may not be your strong point. There’s no need to worry because you can get a songwriter to provide the lyrics to your melody. The team will also help you develop as an artist, and you will be mentored to enable you to fulfill your potential. You can give yourself a better chance of breaking into the music industry if you work with Upward Studios. They have produced great songs and worked with top artists, and it should be an easy decision to want to collaborate with them. With the help of the team, your songwriting is going to improve, and you will also grow as an artist.

The workshop can also produce and record your vocals in a way that captures your voice in all its glory. Producing and recording vocals is part of the creative process, and you can take advantage of the brilliant team at Upward Studios to boost your musical profile. Recording vocals can be a challenge, but the people at this workshop have state-of-the-art tools to help you sound your best. Vocal coaching is also part of the program, and they will teach you proper microphone techniques. With such a comprehensive package, you will find it easier to achieve your musical ambitions.

Upward Studios are also involved in film and television. The company composes and produces music for film and television, and you can get original soundscapes to improve your cinematography. The studio’s screen credits include soundtracks for a romantic drama titled Centre Place, and this particular production has received critical acclaim The company also provides music for documentaries and feature films. With the help of the production team, you can tell your story with impact, and it will resonate with your viewers.

If you need music for advertising, the package is available, and Upward Studios have worked with global brands. Your advertisement can have more impact, and it can leave a lasting impression on your audience. Products and services differ, and that’s why the style and genre of music need to match your brand perfectly. The musical soundtrack will be tailored to your specific needs, and they will use talented musicians to craft jingles, soundscapes, and distinct musical compositions. The company has won many awards in the advertising industry, and you can rely on them to help you market your business.

Upward Studios do voiceover recording and sound design, and quality results are guaranteed by the award winning producers and sound engineers. Highly skilled experts are available to make your voice be heard in a highly competitive business environment. Since your voiceover is going to be heard online and on radio and television, the company will go out of its way to ensure that you get the best sound. Having worked on iconic commercials that have remained classics, the company is well placed to provide you with fantastic voiceover recordings. You can find these studios in South Melbourne, and you can contact the company if you have a music project coming up to see how you can benefit from their expert services and excellent facilities.

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