An Engagement Shoot At Home by an Expert – There’s Nothing Better!

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Once you’ve decided what to wear, the next toughest decision to make is for your engagement shoot. Where to take the photos? Of course the photographer is utmost important, but knowing what you want out of your pictures and where you want them is not any less the concern. Does home sound the right choice?

In fact home is the most favorite spots for couples to get their engagement shoots done at. If this doesn’t familiar to you then take a look at these 6 reasons of having an engagement shoot at home by given by some expert photographers who work in collaboration with the masters of event and floral designers at Let’s Celebrate Events.

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Their passion is the eye that captures and creates stories – the reasons are certainly worth the choice:

  1. The Perfectly Meaningful Setting – Anything with even the slightest symbol of a photo or something significant is what captures us. So how about the places or things in those pictures that holds a meaning in our relationship? They should definitely double the effect. Home is what shares the warmth of feelings for both you and your spouse. By taking pictures in your apartment, you will not only make your engagement meaningful but your bond too.
  2. There’s No Scouting out Locations – You’ve already done your part of booking a photographer and picking out the dresses, so why not consider home for the shoot and save some time and cost? At home, you won’t need to worry about that, you can pick the room you want to create your story in.
  3. Change All You Want – Picking outfits according to the location can become difficult – at home shoot spares you from this trouble. You will have all the choice in the world to wear and still be comfortable.
  4. Add in Your Pets – An engagement shoot at home is all about including your favorite things. Your pets might work with you in a park or a spot for shoot, but a destination bit far might not favor your desire. And just how cute will your photos appear at home with your fiancé and pet, curled up in love and warmth of your arms?
  5. Endless Prop Choices – Sometimes best photos are taken when the inspirations are impromptu. You will find plenty of random ideas and choices at home. Maybe your favorite blanket can add colors and to your love, your favorite coffee mugs might add the charm, or may be the idea of just the couch and you two together with add creativity. An on-sight shoot restricts the options of going creative, while if you like things to be random and comfortable then a photo shoot at home will make you feel more relaxed, and your images will be more perfect and natural.
  6. It’s Your Comfort Zone – When you actually pose, you give the camera a face that’s not yours. Places and things that are familiar can help you be more comfortable and act natural. Home is one place where you can never feel nervous and be conscious about your looks and acts.

Whether you choose your home for the engagement photo shoot or not, do get comfortable with your photographer. Discuss the ideas in advance and exchange the creativity. In the end the one to benefit is you, so knowing and liking your vendors, especially the photographer is significant and essential. Remember that a photographer is that one factor that will keep you focused on your big day!

NOTE: Do ask your photographer to take some photos at home and outside as well to complete the entire picture.


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