5 Ways to Overcome Songwriter’s Block

Published On July 3, 2019 | By venky singh | Entertainment

Have you ever been in that moment where you can’t progress from one verse or can’t even begin to write any lyrics at all? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone, and it’s inevitable. But it’s crucial that you know how to beat the block so as not to get stuck and be able to turn out that next chart topper! Here are some helpful ways to do it.

  1. Have a BreakIf you’ve been writing for hours but nothing’s still coming, try taking a walk, hit the gym, or have a bite to eat. Sometimes, the mind just needs a quick break to come back refreshed. Spending a break from your instrument helps to reset the brain and come back with more creative ideas.
  1. Take Some Fun TimePutting yourself into too much pressure is the most common reason why we get stuck. Being so strict with your own schedule can sometimes be a disaster in a creative environment. Include some fun time during your work session – a period where you have the freedom to play any instrument or practice whatever you feel like doing at the moment. This method will help get the creative juices in your mind flowing and discover new ways to do things.
  1. Try Writing in BurstsAnother way to overcome a songwriter’s block is to try writing in bursts. For instance, set a time limit to write the refrain within 10 Within that time, write everything that comes to your mind. Writing in this technique can short-circuit the brain to create an entirely new material.
  1. Find Inspiration in A New Environment

Sometimes writing in the same location every day or by looking at the same source of inspiration regularly can leave you getting stuck in a rut. By simply removing yourself from the regularity of your daily life, like changing your working environment, can bring in brilliant hidden ideas on your subconscious mind.

Consider going to a café, sit along the beach, or pay a visit to any Melbourne recording studios, and you may be able to find inspiration to beat the block. If you prefer working in a studio, it’s better to survey several Melbourne recording studio rates, so you know which studio best fits your budget and also your working style and preferences.

  1. Mix and RearrangeDo you always follow a regular routine in writing? For instance, do you write first the intro, the verse and lastly the chorus? Do you only focus on one genre?

Try flipping some things around and do something new for a change. It’s easy to get used into our habits when creating music and finding ourselves afraid to branch out into a new genre. Mix things up, rearrange your lyrics, or do something entirely than the usual. Sometimes, this technique brings out the best songs we didn’t know we could do.

While the techniques mentioned above aren’t sure to be effective, you should be able to find at least one that will work best for you. Everyone experiences a writer’s block, and similarly, everyone finds their own way to overcome it.

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